Compose a narrative using html and css. It can be fictional or non-fictional, visual or textual. Consider a story that you're interested in telling through the medium of the web. Is it a personal story, a historical story, a biography, a journey, a myth, a ghost story, an instruction manual, a daily routine?

This does not have to be a novel—use the tools and language afforded to you as designers to construct the narrative. It can be as simple or complex as needed. Consider the ways that narrative on the web can resemble and differ from narrative in more traditional forms.


  • 20+ segments (pages, panels, units)
  • Interactive (something more than scrolling)
  • Primarily contained within the website (linking out is okay so long as it is considered and not the primary method of storytelling)
  • Coherent theme/concept/narrative


  • The web is an inherently non-linear space, is your narrative linear or non-linear?
  • Is it finite or inifinite? Randomly assembled?
  • How is this narrative being read? What devices are being used? Where is it being viewed?