Screensavers are now antiquated pieces of software that were originally designed to prevent CRT screen burn-in. Modern screens don’t have this problem anymore, but screensavers remain (though increasingly less common) as a relic of early home computing. The screensaver was a moment for the computer to rest and to dream in its own way, without the control of the user.

What might the “use” of a screensaver be today? How might the screensaver challenge the way that we use and think about technology/websites today? Make a website that reflects on the role of waiting, idleness, interludes, uselessness, or lack of control in the context of digital media.


  • A single page
  • Movement and/or change over time


  • Consider adding some form of interaction using javascript.
  • What can a website do for us beyond “providing information”?
  • What are some other examples, digital and physical, that you can draw from for inspiration?