Generally, websites today are designed to be viewed by as many people as possible——accessibility, fluidity, clarity are considered essential qualities of a website. What does a website look like when it is deliberately obscure?

Make a website that functions as a secret, or a gem, or a treasure, or a whisper. Think of it as something that has value to you/others but whose value would be diminished/destroyed if accessed easily (like if it was broadcast on social media).


  • Engage with all parts of the website to construct the environment of the secret: the <title>, the favicon, the webpage, and the code (consider notes or things that won’t appear on the visible webpage).
  • Should consider the social and architectural space/context of the web as an important part of its reason to exist online.


  • Where do we experience the secret? Is it in the browser or outside? On the web page, in its periphery, or in its code?
  • What does a website look like if it’s made for an audience of one?
  • Consider different ways you might share/present this website. How do you maintain the integrity of the secret?