Essential Reading

J.R. Carpenter A Handmade Web Ursula K. Le Guin A Rant on Technology Laurel Schwulst My Website is a Shifting House Next to a River of Knowledge Taeyoon Choi Hello World! Frank Chimero The Good Room


Orit Gat Scroll, Skim, Stare Orit Gat Screen. Image. Text. Kevin Bewersdorf Spirit Surfing Mindy Seu The Poetry of Tools Frank Chimero The Web’s Grain Zach Mandeville Web Zine 01

Looking Back

Anil Dash The Web We Lost Paul Ford Reboot the World Paul Ford What is Code? Paul Ford I Had a Couple Drinks and Woke Up With 1,000 Nerds Maciej Cegłowski The Website Obesity Crisis Olia Lialina Vernacular Web 1 Olia Lialina Vernacular Web 2 Olia Lialina Not Art and Tech Olia Lialina Prof. Dr. Style Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron The Californian Ideology


Yancey Strickler The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet Everest Pipkin Here is the article you can send to people when they say ‟but the environmental issues with cyptoart will be solved soon, right?”

Life Online

Callum Copley A Friend is Writing Fei Liu A Drop of Love in the Cloud

Personal Practices

Zach Mandeville Basic HTML Is the New Punk Folk Explosion Jamie Tanna Why I Have a Website and You Should Too Seán, CJ Eller Chat with Seán


Jeffrey Alan Scudder Drawing is the Best Videogame Ian Cheng What is a World Courtney Cassidy A Soft Manifesto

Cybernetics, Physicality

Becca Abbe The Internet's Back to the Land Movement Donna Haraway The Cyborg Manifesto Svetlana Boym The Off Modern Mirror David Harvey The Right To The City

Silence, Slowness, etc.

Anne Carson Variations on the Right to Remain Silent Laurel Schwulst The Cuteness of White Noise Ann Boyer No Ursula K. Le Guin Telling Is Listening