Homepage (due 10/21)


What does home feel like online? Where is it that you can go online that feels contained, personal, and intentional? If we imagine the websites that we visit most often as physical spaces, I think we would find architectural nightmares. Even the most mundane, isolated corners have comment sections or share buttons. We have our public and near private spheres that we inhabit online, but where is it that we can go (or do go) to turn in and turn off for the night? Our browsers are mostly designed as windows into that public space but house some private spaces and elements of personalization—like the new tab page or our bookmarks catalog.

For this project, make a website that serves to function as a homepage for you (and only you). Make a space that is intended to be returned to, daily or often, and one that you would want to return to. If a home is too big, maybe the website is just a bedroom. How would you furnish this space? What do you want to remind yourself of? Consider making this page your new tab page as it is a space that you will routinely revisit each time you open a tab to go someplace new. Or consider locating the site at a domain name that you remember to intentionally visit from time to time.


  • Consider how this space might allow for change and growth over time as you seek to make it more relevant to your self as time goes on.
  • As always, this can be as big or small as is needed for the intention. Maybe it is a calm space for reflection or a catalog to collect inspiration or a directory that organizes your online and offline life.
  • How might you incorporate ritual or a practice that you want to maintain or suggest to yourself into this space? What kind of space would you want to pass through as you make your way between public environments?