Final (due 7/14)


The final project can be whatever you would like. There are no guidelines except that it should be personal. This is your moment to add a brick to the digital village, a flower to the online garden, a droplet of water in the cloud. Consider all the websites we’ve looked at and collected so far. Which ones offer the kind of space you’re interested in making? What kind of space would you like to add to the corridors of the web? What feels missing? Consider starting a project that you will continue to work on/maintain into the future. The web is always under construction…

Consider the amount of time you’ll have to work on this (about 2.5 weeks) when planning the scope of this project. Plan to have rough sketches——mock-ups or HTML & CSS groundwork——done by beginning of the week 4.

It could be:

  • Your personal homepage (this is different from a portfolio)
  • A project you’ve had in mind for some time
  • A collection of sketches or smaller websites
  • An extension of your practice
  • A piece of a project from outside class
  • An elaboration on a project that we’ve worked on in class already
  • ...


  • A unique domain name (this you will have to buy — so, not officially required if you'd rather not pay for this)
  • Doesn’t necessarily have to be “large” but should be solid in concept and craft


  • How can or should this website be viewed?
  • Who do you expect to visit this website?
  • How can it be found? How might it connect to the physical world?
  • How might it grow, change, adapt in the future?

Suggested Reading